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 .:.:.::- The Rules of the forum -::.:.:.

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PostSubject: .:.:.::- The Rules of the forum -::.:.:.   Fri May 28, 2010 6:36 pm

Hi there, its your admin, klemi900 (I feel awkward being an admin! I've never been one!) This of course is my site! The other admins are admins that are good, and trusty, same goes for the mods! Anyway, I've gone off the point! Right now, you have to read the rules!

1. Don't be mean or rude. Be kind and fair. Why should anyone be mistreated. Remember, treat others, as you would treat yourself.

2. Don't swear or use bad language. It makes people get the wrong idea. By the way, do not use *'s instead of letters or just one letter. We know what you mean.

3. Make sure everything is child-friendly here! Kitty heaven is a forum for everyone though it was meant to be really for kids.

4. DO NOT and I mean DO NOT Pretend someones artwork was made by you. Its very mean and very irresponsible. If you have the permission of someone to do a fanart then you can but do not copy the exact thing. Fanarts are meant to be different from the originals in some way (position .etc.).

5. Copy-righted images are not going to be used here! look in image-shack or photo-bucket. If you do find a picture thats not in a sharing site, make sure the owner of the images says you can use it! (same applies to rps)

6. Well, its pretty easy, this rule... DO NOT SPAM! Why does anyone want to see a million smilies. Sure you can use 3 but 10? thats too much. If there is a spaming topic I will be closly moderating it with the rest of the team, watching for... Any little mistake. Too much spam equals, locked topic. If the owner doesn't want their topic to be locked, they will have to copy and paste their first post to a new topic. DO NOT MAKE US DO THAT!

7. *Headdesk* Whats the point of multiple accounts? Don't get them. They don't give you anything. If you share your computer with a family member that also uses this, I will understand , but otherwise, NO EXCEPTIONS!

8. -.-, Hacking, WHY DO SOME PEOPLE DO IT. If you hack, we WILL find out, and we will perma- ban you and if we can't find you, we will close the forum, until we do!

9. TRY NOT TO CHAT SPEAK. This is like hi w8t 4 me wen I'm bck. Its hard to read!

So in this site, because we are so nice, we have a 4 strike rule. Most sites have 3 but here we have 4. Heres how the strikes work:
1st strike: Warning, can be removed if you continue to be nice.
2nd strike: 2nd Warning, we will be keeping a close eye on you, it might be removed.
3rd strike: (I hope no one reaches this) A ban for a week. This can't be removed.
4th strike: Perma-ban and bye bye. No more breaking rules!

So in the end, be a good kitty, and listen to the rules! Very Happy
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.:.:.::- The Rules of the forum -::.:.:.
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