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 .:.:.::- The Rules of Role-Playing -::.:.:.

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PostSubject: .:.:.::- The Rules of Role-Playing -::.:.:.   Sun May 30, 2010 4:48 pm

Role-play Rules! Please, these are rules too so they must be followed as well as the general rules.

1. No God Modding/God Play. This is when a role-player controls another role-player's character without their permission. Please do not do this as it is really annoying and frustrating to find that your character has been controlled in a way that you would not want to ever happen. *For more information, see the Role-Playing Guide in the Role-Play Forum.

2. No Mary-Sues or Gary-Sues. This is when you annoy people on the role-play by having eg. the most perfect character, a character that never gets diseases, a character that can't be attacked because of their elite skills etc.*

3. No Grave Digging. This means that there is a thread that is long dead, near the last pages of the entire role-play history, that you post on. If a role-play has not been posted on for more than 4 months, it is very likely that it is dead and you will be considered Grave Digging by posting on it.*

4. Do not Spam. As said in the General Rules, please do not spam. This includes spamming in role-plays as well as on other forums. Apart from unnecessary use of smilies, spam also means chatting on the the role-plays without using OOC: or (([[{{things like this}}]])) as the role-play owner wishes you to use.*

5. Do not take Role-playing seriously. If somebody offends your character or hates your character on the role-play, it does not mean that they hate you in real life, so do not create a burden on yourself by feeling so.*

...And that's it! Not many, only 5 rules, but if there is something that spreads around the role-play boards that are bothering people, we will add in more rules.

*For more information, see the Role-Playing Guide in the Role-Play Forum. (Coming Soon!)
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.:.:.::- The Rules of Role-Playing -::.:.:.
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